Due Diligence




During our property due diligence survey, our team of property surveyors will cover all aspects that could potentially affect your future investment, such as:


  • Is the property’s price is based on market value?
  • Are there are any land laws limiting the usage of the land?
  • Are there any zoning laws that would hinder your plans to develop and build?
  • Is the land in any current ownership disputes?
  • Are there any outstanding land taxes?
  • Are the details on the land certificate verified?
  • Is the surrounding neighbourhood susceptible to natural disasters?
  • Are the land boundaries clearly marked?
  • What is the legal status of the access road to and from your property?
  • Are there any holds / mortgage rights over the property?


Our team checks on all the above points and more, depending on what area your future property is located; and in accordance with your development plans.

​A property due diligence survey in South Bali takes about 7 working days. You will receive a written report with our professional advice 2 weeks after completion of the survey.

Surprisingly, our ​Due diligence fee cost approximately Rp. 8.000.000 (eight million rupiah) only.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us in info@funplace.id

Apart from this we also provide other services such as Company Registration PT and Company Registration PMA


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